Statement from Rep. Norma Smith on the passage of Senate Bill 6281

Legislation passed off the Senate floor on a 46-1 vote today

“I am deeply concerned for the people of Washington state with the passage of Senate Bill 6281 from the Senate chamber today. The measure purports to be comprehensive consumer data privacy, but it is not. Instead, it is a corporate-centric approach with a laundry list of loopholes, exemptions and vague definitions. It includes weak facial recognition safeguards for our communities. It would leave consumers vulnerable and take away a person’s individual right to seek justice and go to court if their data rights were violated. There are strong reasons why this bill continues to face so much opposition – including the ACLU and other nationally recognized consumer advocacy groups.  

“The Legislature must get this right. Too much is at stake for consumers – those who have entrusted us to represent them. We cherish our privacy. State lawmakers must pass a bill that empowers consumers, holds companies responsible and has strong enforcement. And that’s what I will continue to fight for as this Senate bill comes to the House for consideration.”

Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton, is the ranking Republican on the House Innovation, Technology and Economic Development Committee.

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