10th District Reps. Paul, Smith comment on the passage of state’s 2019-21 transportation budget

In a 96-2 vote Sunday, the Legislature approved the state’s 2019-21 transportation budget. The budget allocates money for maintenance and development of the state’s transportation infrastructure, such as roads, ferries and ferry terminals, bridges, and more.

The final budget compromise includes more than $524 million over the next 14 years for local transportation projects in the 10th District. This includes new and previously allocated funding.

$188 million provides for a new hybrid electric ferry to travel the Clinton-to-Mukilteo route, and $860,000 provides for development of the Clinton-to-Ken’s Corner trail system.

“Our part of the state has unique transportation challenges,” said Rep. Dave Paul, D-Oak Harbor. “We rely on our ferry system, roads, and bridges. We would also greatly benefit from a strong trail system. Without strong investment from the State Transportation Budget, it would be difficult to maintain our quality of life. I am glad this budget makes those key investments.”

“This budget makes critical investments in much-needed infrastructure, maintenance, and preservation across the 10th District and our state,” said Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton. “It recognizes our ferries as essential marine highways and makes a commitment to ensuring we are building a new generation of ferries to replace our aging fleet. It also invests in fish passage barrier removal to open up habitat across the state. Finally, it addresses essential needs in our communities that will serve to strengthen their viability and vitality for years to come.”

The 2019-21 transportation budget now heads to the governor’s desk for his signature. Find out more at fiscal.wa.gov/BudgetT.aspx.


Washington State House Republican Communications