Smith releases statement on historic signing of net neutrality legislation

Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton, released the following statement after Rep. Drew Hansen’s House Bill 2282 was signed into law by the governor today:

“Net neutrality is an issue of tremendous consequence that will matter today, tomorrow and generations from now. Simply accepting its repeal was not an option. With this legislation, we are taking swift and decisive action to preserve a fair and free internet, protect consumer choice, and ensure entrepreneurs and small business owners have the ability to compete in the global marketplace. The overwhelming support House Bill 2282 received in both chambers proves this is not a partisan issue. Republicans and Democrats agree on the importance of Washingtonians having access to an open internet and being able to participate equally in the 21st century economy. I am grateful for the strong bipartisan work that went into this bill, and deeply appreciate Rep. Hansen’s commitment to a truly collaborative process. I applaud the Legislature and the governor for this historic achievement.”


Washington State House Republican Communications