Rep. Smith’s bill providing relief to small business passes House unanimously

When many of the state’s private sector employers are struggling to make ends meet and keep their door open, Rep. Norma Smith has been working on legislation to address regulatory reforms within state agencies and improve the business climate.

House Bill 1150 passed the House of Representatives March 3 and would provide companies unknowingly found out of compliance with a state agency rule or regulation seven calendar days to comply without a fine or penalty. Protections in the bill would ensure the violations in question do not endanger employees or the public.

“This is a simple bill that provides an extension of legislation we passed last year,” said Smith, R-Clinton. “I believe this a great way to help our small business community and just give them a little more time to comply with state regulations. This legislation would help those who are in good faith trying to do the right thing.”

There are currently over 17,000 pages of regulations, (Washington Administrative Code) and there were 4,000 changes in 2010. With this many regulations on the books, Smith is not surprised even the most conscientious employers could miss a new rule or regulation and be out of compliance.

“Agencies need to consider the impact of their regulatory proposals on small business. Small businesses are the cornerstone of Washington’s economy and recovery. They provide the jobs and support our communities, families and individuals,” Smith said.

The bill is now headed to the Senate for consideration.


Washington State House Republican Communications