Smith statement on House Democrat budget measure

The House of Representatives today approved a bill that would make reductions of $340 million for the current fiscal years’ budget. The approved legislation would still leave a $260 million shortfall for the 2009-11 fiscal cycle.

Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton, voted against House Bill 1086 and issued the following statement:

“The budget proposal passed today continues to be unsustainable, not responsive to taxpayers, and fails to prioritize or reform state government. It also relies too much on retroactive cuts to education and does not eliminate costly programs. As a former school board member and president, it is very concerning this so-called budget fix retroactively takes money away from schools. This is money that school districts have already budgeted for, and in many cases, have already spent to hire additional staff. We are breaking a promise to our schools and our children.

“I believe the Republican alternative proposal offered a better alternative by making education a priority and eliminating poorly managed and costly programs the state continues to operate,” she said. “Instead, the proposal passed is going to make it increasingly difficult to put us in a position to adopt a sustainable budget in the future. Majority party budget writers continue to push spending decisions into the next biennium.”

The supplemental budget proposal passed the House 55-43. It is now headed to the Senate for consideration.


Washington State House Republican Communications