Tax Day rally message in Olympia lost on those who want to spend more

In what Rep. Norma Smith called an unbelievable contrast, majority party leaders in Olympia today introduced a bill to increase the state sales tax. The proposal comes on Tax Day and a day when Olympia was the scene of the one of the largest anti-tax rallies ever at the state capital.

“On the same day more than 5,000 hard-working Washingtonians came to Olympia to protest the overspending and overtaxing by Olympia’s majority party, new bills are being introduced and discussed that will raise taxes on struggling families,” Smith said. “The message was clear from the citizens today – no new taxes. It seems extraordinary to me that leaders would consider adding to the burdens of our citizens right now.

“I’m listening to the people, is anyone else?” questioned Smith.

“Our people and employers are on the edge right now. Folks are losing their jobs,” said Smith, R-Clinton. “I truly cannot understand how anyone can justify raising taxes on people who have just lost their jobs or are barely staying afloat financially. Introducing this legislation seems incredibly out-of-touch.”

The tax increase proposal is expected to extract an additional $1 billion from Washington’s taxpayers.



Washington State House Republican Communications