Statement from Rep. Norma Smith on today’s budget reduction bill

Today the Washington State House of Representatives voted on  House Bill 1694, which adopts about $300 million in budget cuts to begin the process of addressing the $6 billion state budget deficit. The measure passed 83-13. Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton, voted in favor of the legislation.

“It was extremely difficult to make these reductions today, but it was necessary to begin the process of repairing our budget to better fit the revenues the state is bringing in each year. I am also working with colleagues to create a framework for more budget transparency and a responsible budgeting process.

“I supported the bill today because those in the 10th District and around the state need to know we are taking our financial situation seriously. It’s a small step, but a good start to House Republicans’ request for early implementation of cost savings in on-going policy reductions included in this supplemental budget. Today’s step was necessary, but leaves more difficult decisions in the near future.

“It is vital the Legislature take the lead on prioritizing government expenses and living within our means. We must budget in a way that funds our education system, protects the most vulnerable in our society, and provides adequately for public safety and necessary infrastructure – and we must do so without raising taxes on the hard working people of Washington state.”


Washington State House Republican Communications