Statement from Rep. Norma Smith on the failure of Senate Bill 6281 (Washington Privacy Act)

“The bill that came over from the Senate, Senate Bill 6281, purported to be comprehensive consumer data privacy. It was not. The bill was corporate-centric, not consumer focused.

“I want to thank the advocates from all over the state who rallied to provide consumers a meaningful voice in this debate. I know with their help—working together with industry—a better bill can be brought forward in 2021 that will truly empower consumers in a big data economy.

“With the help of advocates, we were able to improve the bill in the House. We closed some of the most significant loopholes and provided individual consumers the ability to access justice should their rights—as declared in the bill—be violated. With these important improvements, I took a ‘yes’ vote on the amended version on the House floor. I supported it because it provided a framework on which we could build meaningful data privacy for Washingtonians. Unfortunately, the Senate wanted both big loopholes and weak enforcement. And that is why the bill died today. We can—and must—do better.”

Learn more: Senate Bill 6281 

Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton, is the ranking Republican on the House Innovation, Technology and Economic Development Committee.


Washington State House Republican Communications