Rep. Norma Smith’s statement on AG Ferguson’s lawsuit against U.S. Navy

Tenth District Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton, has released the following statement in response to Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s lawsuit against the U.S. Navy over its expanded Growler jet operations on Whidbey Island:

“I’m deeply disappointed in Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s misguided lawsuit and attack on our military community on Whidbey Island. His actions clearly do not reflect the strong support in our communities for Naval Air Station Whidbey Island and its vital national security mission. The vast majority of Whidbey Islanders cherish our service members, and honor their service and sacrifice.

“While all Washingtonians should be respected for their perspectives on this issue and the many others that are before us as a state, I believe the attorney general’s lawsuit will have a chilling effect on constructive dialogue and solutions going forward. More troubling, however, is that it could also have very real consequences for the men and women who are trained here to protect and defend our country.

“Tenth District residents – and all Washingtonians for that matter – would be better served by an attorney general focused less on ‘The Sound of Freedom’ and more on solving the many legal crises within state agencies that beg for increased oversight and accountability.”


Washington State House Republican Communications