Smith releases statement on majority’s lack of transparency and determination to raise taxes

Last Friday in the House Finance Committee, the 9-4 Democrat majority voted to approve $4.5 billion in new tax increases. While a final operating budget has yet to be produced, many of the tax increases approved by the committee—and additional tax increases approved this week by the Senate—will be coming to the House floor for a vote before session adjourns Sunday night.

Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton, released the following statement Friday afternoon:

“The brazen determination of the majority party to raise taxes on Washingtonians while shutting them out of the process is nothing short of stunning. Democrats have left no time for taxpayers—who have repeatedly and resoundingly rejected tax increases—to offer public testimony on the budget. That is wrong and shows a fundamental lack of leadership.

“At a time when we have record revenues and a $3 billion surplus, the last thing the Legislature should be doing is raising taxes. Unfortunately, it seems no amount of revenue is ever enough to divert the majority away from their game plan of massive spending hikes and unnecessary tax increases.

“It is also disappointing majority party budget writers have shut Republicans out of the process. This is in stark contrast to what the process has been for developing the capital and transportation budgets, which have routinely passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. Allowing us in the room to negotiate two budgets, but not the third, is mystifying. Perhaps the majority simply doesn’t want to hear reminders from those of us in the minority that spending is out of control and Washingtonians don’t want new or increased taxes.

“Washingtonians and their families deserve better than this. They should be deeply concerned about the direction the majority is taking our state.”


Washington State House Republican Communications