Boeing moves more jobs out of state

With Boeing’s announcement today that 800 to 1,200 of the company’s research and technology jobs will be moved out of Washington state, House Republican Floor Leader J.T. Wilcox and state Rep. Norma Smith said it’s time to get serious about improving Washington’s business climate.

“This is much bigger than Boeing – job-flight from Washington is a problem across the board,” said Wilcox, R-Yelm. “We’ve known about how difficult it is to do business and create jobs in our state for a long time.

“Any argument or debate about our business climate should be over. The evidence is in. And the people of Washington need action.

“We’re talking about high-quality jobs here. Jobs we won’t be able to retain or replace if we don’t change state policies that put too much of a burden on employers and workers alike.

Smith, R-Clinton and ranking Republican on the House Technology and Economic Development Committee, said the Legislature and governor can no longer afford to ignore the central problems facing Washington’s business climate.

“It is absolutely essential that we recognize the serious nature, and wider implications, of Boeing’s decision – this goes across all sectors of our economy,” she said.

“It is incumbent on us as state policymakers to send a strong message that we are aware of Washington’s competitive disadvantages and will enact policies to improve our business climate. And likewise, that we will protect our state’s competitive advantages.

“We need to fight for every job.”

Wilcox added, “Even as we speak, for example, Governor Inslee seems intent on imposing a carbon tax on Washingtonians that could add up to a dollar to the cost of a gallon of gas.

“There’s been too much piling on, and not enough consideration of the harmful effect all these rules and regulations have on jobs.

“It’s time to get serious about reforming state government – our economic future depends on it.”


Washington State House Republican Communications