Smith appointed to Ocean Acidification Blue Ribbon Panel

Rep. Norma Smith has been appointed to the Ocean Acidification Blue Ribbon Panel by the governor’s office. Smith has always taken an active interest in protecting the state’s marine waters and improving Washington’s business climate. This appointment will give her the opportunity to do both.

“There is concern that the acidity of the Pacific Ocean could be a threat to our shellfish industry, leading to significant negative impacts in many communities along the coast,” said Smith, R-Clinton. “We need to make sure we are doing what we can to protect our marine waterways and our shellfish habitat. These are important issues to the 10th District, so I am pleased the governor’s office has asked me to be part of this panel.”

The panel is being convened with the support of the Washington Shellfish Initiative, the regional partnership created to implement the National Shellfish Initiative.

“We can have a fair regulatory climate while being sensitive to the environment to ensure clean water and healthy marine life. We must improve our understanding of how science and management actions link together with the shellfish industry and surrounding habitat,” stated Smith.

The Blue Ribbon Panel will consist of scientific experts, public opinion leaders, state, federal, tribal, and local policy makers and industry representatives. The panel recommendations will be submitted to the governor and NOAA Administrator, regional research groups, and other policy makers by October 1, 2012.

The panel’s first meeting is Friday, March 30.


Washington State House Republican Communications