Rep. Norma Smith issues statement on governor’s call for special session

Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton, issued the following statement regarding the call for a special legislative session:

“Governor Chris Gregoire’s announcement calling for the Legislature to convene for a 30-day special session beginning Nov. 28, 2011 is prudent and necessary. Her decision comes after the state’s chief economist reported last week Washington can expect another drop in tax collections over the next biennium, creating an estimated shortfall of $2 billion in the 2011-13 general fund budget. Though I have opposed the operating budgets these past several years because they have been unsustainable, all of us must be part of the solution. These issues are far too serious for divisive politics.

“The key to our recovery in Washington state is private-sector job creation, and strengthening our economic climate to spur growth. We must return to Olympia and find agreement on what represents our core priorities of state government, and fund those functions adequately. The Legislature didn’t make the necessary reforms last session; it must happen now. The longer we wait, the harder the budget problem will be to solve. Together, we can provide the leadership needed in Washington state to create a more solid foundation for a sustainable recovery.

“It is important to note, that despite the projected drop in revenue, the revenue forecast for 2011-2013 is still significantly larger than the revenues for 2009-2011. Yet with the outlook for the November revenue forecast of great concern, we must implement serious reforms and make prioritized and fiscally responsible budget decisions that will best serve the taxpayers of Washington state.”


Washington State House Republican Communications