Smith releases statement on Senate’s passage of workers’ compensation reform

Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton and lead Republican on economic development issues in the Washington State House of Representatives, issued the following statement on today’s passage of workers’ compensation reform in the Senate:

“The Senate passing a bipartisan workers’ compensation bill today, Senate Bill 5566, is another important piece of the puzzle for Washington state to address the competitive disadvantages of our business climate. I have continually stressed that to quicken our state’s economic recovery we need to create certainty, protect our competitive advantages, and improve on the competitive disadvantages. Our workers’ compensation system has been clearly identified as a disadvantage for employers in our state and to businesses looking at us from a national perspective. We have one of the highest workers’ compensation pension rates in the country and our system will be insolvent in the near future if we do not take action.

“We need to move this legislation through the House and show our employers, as well as businesses around the country, we are serious about improving our business climate. This would send a clear message that we intend to turn our economy around and work with our employers and employees to provide responsible and fair benefits. Improving the economic factors that put our state at a disadvantage will accelerate our economic recovery and create much-needed jobs in our communities.

“I believe the strong vote in the Senate, with both parties supporting this reform, demonstrates it can be done in the House.”


Washington State House Republican Communications