Rep. Norma Smith’s statement on attempt to repeal tax-limiting Initiative 960

Democrat leaders in the Senate yesterday introduced Senate Bill 6843, which would repeal the voter-approved Initiative 960. The initiative put in place several transparency measures related to bills that have a cost to taxpayers. It also required a two-thirds vote in the Legislature, or a simple majority vote in the Legislature along with a vote of the people, to increase taxes. Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton, had this to say about the legislation:

“In an unbelievable breach of public transparency and the political process, the Senate introduced a bill yesterday afternoon that would repeal voter-approved limitations on taxes, and then fast-tracked it for a public hearing today. There clearly has been no courtesy given to the general public to read the bill, call their legislators about it or plan to attend today’s hearing and share their thoughts. I not only oppose Senate Bill 6843, but I am appalled the voices of the people are being silenced by rushed political maneuvers.

“Two years ago the voters of this state sent a clear and compelling message to the Legislature – live within your means. Initiative 960 created the framework for this. The majority in Olympia has chosen to grow government spending despite the storm clouds that were clearly visible on the horizon. Now we are at a point where the budget is at an unsustainable level, but instead of finding ways to craft a budget that lives within our current revenue, the Legislature has chosen not to heed the voters’ wishes. The people put into place a sound mechanism for fiscal restraint, and legislative leaders should not be looking to undo it.

“I want to urge my constituents to have their voices heard by calling the sponsor of Senate Bill 6843 Sen. Margarita Prentice and Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown. We cannot allow policies that are detrimental to citizens and our economy to be shoved haphazardly through the legislative process.”


Washington State House Republican Communications