Statement from Rep. Norma Smith on Boeing’s 787 decision

“I am very disappointed to hear about Boeing’s 787 decision. Today’s announcement is a vital reminder that Washington state simply does not have a business climate that is fair to its employers. Employers continually face uncompetitive and high costs from the state’s workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, regulatory, and health insurance systems. These problems have not been addressed by the Legislature and were significant factors in Boeing’s recent decision.

“These employer concerns have also contributed to Washington state losing the last five location decisions made by aerospace companies. This means thousands of jobs lost in our region. This also has far-reaching effects on other business sectors in our state and sends a negative message to employers who might be considering relocating here.

“Our state must learn a hard lesson from Boeing. No more touting business magazine ratings and pretending like serious problems do not exist. We must take a critical look at the Boeing decision, in the broader context of other aerospace company decisions, and take an objective approach to improving our business climate. We need decisive action this legislative session to reassert our commitment to all employers and their employees, and to ensure that Washington state can be a home for the best aerospace companies in the world.”


Washington State House Republican Communications