Statements from Reps. Smith and Bailey on governor’s State of the State address

After the governor’s State of the State address today, Reps. Norma Smith and Barbara Bailey issued the following statements:

Statement from Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton:

“During this challenging economic situation, I know Washington families are facing tough times. I was pleased to hear the governor address the important role we all can play in serving our fellow citizens and neighbors in need. It is important to remember as we face this significant budget deficit that revenue in Washington is still growing by roughly five percent. If we as a legislative body can practice more responsible spending and make strategic cuts, we can still ensure our top priorities are funded as necessary. My priorities are, and will continue to be, education and protecting the most vulnerable in our communities, while providing the infrastructure necessary for our state to fully function.

“I remain committed to working toward effective solutions to the challenges we are facing. It’s not enough to talk about the tough road we have in front of us. We must learn from the past, and focus on the bright future ahead for Washington state. The governor and the Legislature can and should play key roles in ensuring that businesses, small and large, have the ability to not only retain jobs in our private sector, but also grow them through ingenuity and innovation. We have a great opportunity ahead to prepare our state to weather any storm, and I look forward to being a constructive part of this monumental task.”

Statement from Rep. Barbara Bailey, R-Oak Harbor:

“Our governor’s State of the State address echoed a lot of the ideas I and my fellow Republicans have long been advocating for. For example, job creation, rebuilding roads, balancing our state budget based on priorities, and reforming state government. If we had been doing these things the last four years, we wouldn’t be facing a six billion dollar budget shortfall and seeing more people out of work.

“There is a time for talk, and a time for action. We need to act now if we are going to help struggling families and employers through these tough times, and get our state finances in order. This starts by not raising taxes or fees, and I’m glad to hear our governor is committed to this approach. Through adversity comes an opportunity to commit to a more efficient state government that is responsive to the needs of its people. I look forward to being part of the solutions that will make this goal a reality.”


Washington State House Republican Communications